Cantrips are spell-like abilities that are somewhat similar to a warlock’s invocations. Cantrips are subject to spell resistance unless specified otherwise.

Aught Level
Minor Tinkering: Repair a construct of 1 damage or grant a construct 2 temporary hp.
Aethervision: You grant the ability to see magic.
Ember Dart: Deal 1d6+1 fire damage with a ranged touch attack.
Lift,Push: A glowing-blue hand appears that can carry or push items up to 15 lbs. in weight.
Magestone Flare: A brief flash of light has the possibility of distracting an opponent.
Lodestone Pull: Channel magestone power to pull metal objects to you.
Touch of Weightiness: Increase the weight of an item or construct by 5 lbs.
Far Speech

Apprentice Cantrips
Azure Flame
1 Azure Needles: Shoot several missiles that deal untyped magical damage.
1 Jet: Similar to Burning Hands, but a line.
1 Magestone Spot: Subject gains a bonus to Spot and Search checks.

Magic Enhancement
1 Altem’s Friend: Grant a +1 to all Fortitude checks and all strength-based skill checks.
1 Magnetic Field
1 Technomantic Weaponry: Grant a +1 to melee attack and damage.

Mind Over Matter
1 Command Constructs: Non-intelligent Construct obeys your commands.
1 Light Tinkering: Heal a construct of 1d8 damage +1 per CL, or grant 5 temporary hp.
1 Research: Identify magical items.

Terra Infirma
1 Earthen Grasp: As the spell.
1 Oil Slick: Make the ground slippery and treacherous to walk on.
1 Summon Golem I: Summoned materials quickly create a small construct.

Mageling Cantrips
Buzz and Confusion
3 White Noise: Impart casting penalties on enemy spellcasters, also penalties to listen checks.
2 Caltrop Trick: Create illusory caltrops in an area.
3 Raven’s Tongue (Distracting Ray): Fire a ray of distracting energy at an enemy.
3 Copies: Create illusory copies of yourself or others.
2 Somnolent Lecture: Make a creature bored of battle; penalties if different race or creature type.
2 Sonic Weapon: As the spell sonic weapon.

Eldritch Comfort
3 Hedge Magic: Grant your allies some resistance to magical effects.
2 Magestone Shield: As the spell shield.
3 Limited Invisibility: Hide portions of yourself—e.g. body parts, clothing, items—for an amount of time.
2 Excite,Dampen Molecules: Change the temperature and related properties of allies’ weapons.
3 Arcane Sight: As the spell arcane sight.
2 Diamondsteel: Make an ally’s weapon more capable of dealing heavy blows.

Modular Touch
3 Fumarole (crushing blow, venom): Grant an ally the ability to make strong melee attacks that deal ongoing damage.
2 Lightning Palm (Shocking Grasp plus possibility to fatigue): Command lightning, as a melee touch attack.
2 Moderate Tinkering: Heal a construct of 2d8 damage +1 per CL, or grant 10 temporary hp.
3 Archer’s Orbit (point blank, precision): Grant an ally the point blank shot feat and a +1 to ranged attacks.
2 Locksmithing: Functions as open lock.
3 Dispel Magic: As the spell.

Technomantic Prowess
2 Leylines: Grant yourself the ability to detect and find magical leylines.
3 Mage Blast: Draw upon your magestone staff to fire a shot of raw magical energy at an enemy.
2 Overheat: Damage a golem from the inside out by attacking its power source.
2 Wind Arrow (Arcing Fire): Grant a quick damage boost to an ally’s ranged attack.
3 Temporary Charge: Refill a charged item temporarily with magestone energy.
3 Summon Golem II: Create a more powerful construct from summoned materials.

Demi-magus Cantrips
Azure Storms
4 Magestone Flight: Grant yourself the ability to defy gravity for a short time.
5 Flame of the Dragon’s Heart (extract fire from own blood): Cut into your palm and collect blood to use as a thrown grenade-like weapon.
5 Pyresphere (remove from game?):
5 Weaponize Element: Create a weapon of pure elemental energy, type chosen at time of casting.
4 Disabling Ray: A laser-like beam shoots from your magestone and has a chance to stop an opponent in its tracks.
4 Rainbow Pattern: As the spell.

Cogs and Gears
4 Magestone Arc (creatures in a line take damage): Creatures in a line between you and a chosen golem take damage.
4 Overclock: Induce a rage-like state in a golem for a short time, then the golem goes inert to recharge.
4 Serious Tinkering: Heal a construct of 3d8 damage +1 per CL, or grant the construct 15 temporary hp.
5 Summon Golem III
5 Major Creation: As the spell.
5 Humanoid Essence: As the spell.

4 Quick Repair: May form golem parts from raw materials in a matter of seconds, but the fix is imperfect.
5 Morass (morass): Create a sickening, slowing mucky swamp where clear terrain once was.
4 Flying Buttresses: Craft defenses from the earth itself.
5 Rift: Warp through a hole in the fabric of reality from one location to another.
5 Quicken Mineral
4 Magestone Scrying: As the spell Scrying, but your medium is your magestone.

Vicious Magic
Ward of Azure Light
Lesser Spell Shield
4 Halt: Subject affected by spell cannot act. This spell lasts for a short duration.
5 Greater Command Constructs
5 Wall of Force

Master Cantrips
Call of the Technomancer
Overload (extra burst damage): In one round, golem explodes noisily and forcefully.
Full Repair
7 Summon Golem IV
7 Extra Charge: Permanently add charges to a magical item.
7 Leystorm (magic storm): Create a large storm of electricity and magic.
6 Erase: Erase memorized spell from enemy’s inventory.

Magic Retaliation
7 Psychic Reflection (chance to completely reflect damage)
7 Mage Wall
6 Blade Barrier
7 Pyrrhic Strike (take damage to deal it)
6 Contingency
6 Guards and Wards: As the spell Guards and Wards.

Reach the Equilibrium
Recycle: Break down a magical item into its component parts and make something new.
Critical Tinkering: Heal a construct of 4d8 damage +1 per CL or grant the construct 20 temporary hp.
Greater Human Essence
6 Azure Sight
Stonewarp: Warp from one place to another via natural metal or gemstone deposits.
Mass Hysteria

Shadow and Spell
Greater Spell Shield
Well of Truth
Programmed Image
6 Greater Dispel Magic: As the spell.
6 Eyeburn

Magus Cantrips
Azure Doom
Tin Bitz
Magestone Frights
Ley Drain
Mage’s Disjunction
Lightning Ring
8 Call Mage Spawn: Summon powerful magic-altered creatures.

Call into Infinity
9 Summon Golem V
Ley Tap (grant magic to friends)
Magestone Trap
Ritual Summoning
Magus See, Magus Do

Magician’s Foresight
9 Full Charge: Quickly charge a magic item completely, but unstably.
Magestone Warding
Ley Vision
8 Clockwork Cloning: Create a new body for a recently deceased magus’s magestone/soul.
8 Superior Invisibility: As the spell.
Rethink: Rewind time by a few seconds in a limited geographical area.

Technomantic Transformations
Mechanoid (turn things into golems): Turn your allies into golems for a limited time, granting them bonuses to their physical abilities.
Magestone Vessel
8 Iron Body
9 Ghostform: Strong invisibility-like effect.
8 Death’s Door: Knowing death is imminent, compel your magestone to begin creating a new, random body for your life-force.

Also See: The Magus
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