The Hoste Magica

Base of Operations: Caero

Leader: Kasran Dunning

Known Operatives: Adric Ophinium, Apprentice-Magus Charis

Detail of Crimes Against the Atlantean State this year: 10 counts of Bribery of public officials, at least 235 304 500 lots of counts of smuggling, 2 counts of racketeering, 20 counts of creating a public disturbance just this week 21 counts this week 34 counts this week 47 counts this week, 3 counts of public nudity, and innumerable counts of petty theft.

Perceived Level of Danger? High, by the hand of Battle-Magus Olarud Negligible, by the hand of Councillor-General Jeet Nujarek.

The Hoste Magica

Mage Knight: Machination Vognarian