Cloak of Vipers

This robe doesn't even appear to be made of cloth. In fact you're fairly certain you heard a thread hiss at you.


The Cloak of Vipers is quite literally what its name implies: a cloak sewn of very small, usually docile but highly venomous snakes. As a standard action, the wearer may make a melee touch attack with the cloak (which provokes attacks of opportunity). If it hits, do no hit point damage. Instead, the target must make a DC 11 Fortitude save or be afflicted with poison (Con 1d6, Con 1d6). The wearer may use this ability once a day.

24,000 gp.


Sewn together by the Orc-wives of the Black Grasses tribes, these cloaks are not magical at all. Woven from brine-snakes—water serpents commonly found in the drinking holes of the northern Fist—this “cloak of fangs” is a painful and poisonous deterrent to any foe that dares get too close. —Maleficius

Cloak of Vipers

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