Forrest Brookfield


Forrest Brookfield is a banker in Khamsin and commands one detachment of the local militia. He spent his early years fighting for border towns against orc insurgents on the Steppe of the Fist, west of Enos Joppa. In his late 20s, he traveled to Caero and became involved in providing security to shipping outfits based on the Roa Vizzor.

Brookfield made his fortune once he began investing in the shipping outlets to which he provided security. Returning to Khamsin a wealthy man, he established a local banking firm that heavily involved itself in the transport of goods and services across the Steppe where he once had fought.

With his knowledge of safe passages through the Fist and his shipping connections in Caero, Brookfield quickly became one of the wealthier magnates in Khamsin once he began funding the transport of magestone from the west to the south. Atlantis indebted itself to him, and Brookfield is allowed rare leeway to speak his mind where other bankers would tread much more lightly. Once, while inspecting a mine on the border of the Fist, Brookfield noted that the working conditions for the dwarven slaves laboring there were so appalling that not only did a dwarf drop dead during the inspection—an uncommon but not unusual scene—but the mine bosses then merely tossed the dwarf into a condemned—but very open!—vein to rot.

So taken aback was Brookfield that he personally spoke with the Atlantean Councillor-General in Khamsin and pushed a reform straight to the Emperor; the reform demanded safer working conditions as well as better hygiene in mines. Though most of the proposed reforms were refused, the Emperor did begin requiring overseers to remove the sick, dying, or dead from the mines, so as to preserve the still-healthy slaves for as long as possible. Brookfield accepted the gesture, but was not wholly mollified. To this day, he continues to personally inspect border mines and metallurgy compounds to check on his “dwarven friends”.

Now nearing his mid-50s, Brookfield is comfortable in Khamsin but continues to be something of a small-yet-prickly thorn in Atlantis’ side.

He also definitely has a beard.

Forrest Brookfield

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