Mage Knight: Machination

Transporting Statuary

The party meets Blacklock

Yggdrazyl informs the party that her designs focused mainly on reawakening power hidden for millenia from the younger races. She does not reveal where this power is hidden, but is willing to say that it is referred to as the Dragon’s Gate. She also says that whoever this “Sara” creature is, she clearly cares nothing for the Drakona or their Draconum descendants, only her own designs on this world.

The party leaves Yggdrazyl to her work and hears movement from the eastern passage. Adric is sent to investigate, while the remaining three partymembers wait. And wait. And wait. And finally, agree to try leaving the Kuttar Depths, figuring that Adric has safely scouted the eastern tunnels. They find a cart on a railed track, rusty and apparently missing an important lever.

Jess Blacklock, notorious for….things the party doesn’t remember nor know, catches up with our hapless carting trio. Having saved himself from the brink of falling a long way, Noah—along with Mahl—immediately engages the rogue in conversation.

Blacklock agrees to escort the party, even including the Atlantean, Telorin, out of the Depths in return for handing over their weaponry. The party agrees. Shrewdly, each keeps a more important piece of their inventory while nominally fulfilling Blacklock’s terms—i.e., Noah keeps his fife, Mahl his manalicht’s magestone core, and Telorin his familiar.

It appears as though Blacklock is in some way connected to the Khamsin Blackthorn family, owning the same steel rose-stem rod that Adric found in the tampered-with golems. Adric, in his solo adventure, also learned that Blacklock is originally Caeran. He worked with his four Dwarven companions (Ahruk, Grin, Din, and Hodor) along with—so Blacklock claims—a woman of some importance to Adric! Adric cannot communicate this to the party at this moment, and of course may yet choose not to, but it’s clear that Blacklock is a mover and shaker among the groups rebelling against Atlantis.

As the two groups exit the mine together, they come upon a grisly scene: a mound of freshly dead bodies piled high near the tunnel’s exterior, and an imposing red shadowy figure lurking in the nearby treeline.



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