Mage Knight: Machination


In the Kuttar Depths

As the party enters the system of mines known as the Kuttar Depths, they are accosted by all manner of beasts and magical fire traps. Surviving, if sometimes by the skin of their teeth, they hear screaming and choose to follow the sound to its source.

They find a grisly scene: a humanoid-seeming woman who has a Drakona sorceress chained, helplessly, to a cavern wall. Symbols of power surround the pair, while a trio of shadows seem to be under the woman’s control.

Noah attempts to intercede on the party’s behalf, asking the woman, who says her name is “Sara”, if she would be so kind as to point the way out. Politely refusing, she threatens the party with bodily harm if they don’t quietly stand down. Telorin doesn’t like this. Summoning a golem, he picks a fight with the shadows, which do considerable damage to Noah but otherwise don’t last particularly long.

Sara, meanwhile, disappears from sight. Yggdrazyl, the Drakona sorceress, thanks the party for their help, and bestows a magical reward on Adric, the party’s “tank.” She begins to explain her situation…



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