Mage Knight: Machination

Meeting of Great Minds

...and Krang

The party sits down with Kasran, Scavenge, the two magi, and the newly-arrived Krang. Kasran shows off some of the evidence against Raydan Marz—evidence that appears as though it may not hold up under close scrutiny.

However, there isn’t a chance for such scrutiny, as Kasran has a new task for the party. He explains that the Crusaders the party ran afoul of were likely sent by a vampire faction hellbent on securing Marz for their own devices. At least one of the Deathspeakers—the most powerful Necropolis vampires—has been hunting for a new champion, and Marz would fit the bill. The Atlanteans still want Marz arrested, but they don’t, under any circumstances, want his military knowledge under the control of another nation.

Adding to the likelihood of this scenario, a line of Crusader encampments stretches along the Roa Kaiten from just south of the White Spray all the way to the village of Fairhaven, cutting off any way for the party to cross and head straight for Marz’ troops. Kasran gives the party new marching orders: travel underneath the mountains, through the Kuttar Depths, and exit at the White Spray. A dangerous route, but it will allow the party to get around the Crusader forces.

But Kasran adds that the party must find a way to break the Crusader line. Should Marz resist, the party must have a way to call for reinforcements, but said reinforcements will only be able to reach the party IF the Crusaders are scattered.



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