Mage Knight: Machination



The party gets back together and relaxes a bit. Kerr and Adric head to the inn for some grog while Telorin talks to magus Farud and his apprentice, and Noah tries to winkle some more information out of now-Khan Scavenge.

Noah learns that Kzar Nabar and Councillor Nujarek have already been involved in negotiations, though how well those negotiations went is up for debate. Krang, not to be outdone, wishes for negotiations, and is expected to arrive within the day to have a friendly chat with Nujarek’s friend, Kasran Dunning.

Telorin speaks to Farud and is the first to break silence on the mission. It’s unclear whether Farud already knew of the party’s assignment, but now—tasked with investigating General Marz’ transgressions—he has warned that Marz may learn of his arrest warrant sooner rather than later.

Kerr and Adric settle in for a few drinks, when Kerr notices a shady trio occupying a nearby booth. Thinking to make some new friends, he slides in next to one of the sketchy characters and says hi. Adric stays at the bar; meanwhile, Mahl shows up out of nowhere and joins Kerr at the booth. The suspicious trio are suspicious and ask for the party to leave them alone. Not having success with their request, they attack Kerr instead.

Long story short, with a little help from a flamboyantly colored orc named Patchwork, Adric saves Kerr and Mahl after they get dropped by an undead and its friends. Noah heals the bunch, and Kerr makes a new friend/shipmate (Patchwork)! The party settles back in to wait for Kasran and more directions.



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