Mage Knight: Machination

Hostage Crisis!

Khurga vs. Scavenge

The party, absent one of its members, manages to escape the prison with the hostage, Brigadier-Altem Khurga, in tow. Learning that the town has been taken over by a half-orc named “Scavenge”, the party splits up in order to complete several tasks.

Noah disguises himself as an orc and manages to fascinate nearly the entire encampment of orcs with his performance. Leading them like the pied piper, he is halted by Scavenge himself just north of the village square. Scavenge impresses upon Noah the importance of the decision he has to make: join his commander, Krang, as he promised to do; or betray Krang, as he is a particularly poor tactician, and join the newly made—and more powerful—Kzar Nabar.

Meanwhile, Adric sneaks over to the Hoste’s compound and manages to get inside, meeting the town’s Apprentice magus, Charis, who also happens to be a Hoste member. They gather some useful items, including Khurga’s magical equipment, and hustle over to the town square.

Telorin, Khurga, and a rather quiet Kerr break off and encounter a few orcs. Quickly dealing with them, they head to an abandoned building and spy on the goings-on in the square. Soon enough, Scavenge spots the glare from Telorin’s spyglass and “invites” them to come down.

Scavenge, having decided to join Krang, tells Khurga that the Altem has no further use. Indeed, the only reason he had been kept alive was to stall both Krang and Nabar from moving. Now is a different story; Khurga sees his choices are limited and does the only thing that the rash young man believes he can do—challenge the half-orc to combat to the death. Scavenge accepts, and wins. The town’s magus hints that Councillor Nujarek may be accepting of this outcome, but the party has yet to meet with the Councillor’s agent and hopefully find out for certain.


Hoo boy did we read those fascinate rules wrong. Noah still would’ve made it to the square, but probably as a prisoner. X/

Hostage Crisis!

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