Mage Knight: Machination

The Taint of Magic

The party stumbles upon a deathly ritual

Our intrepid spelunkers, with statue-Adric in tow, are guided to the Depths’ northeastern exit by Jess Blacklock and his dwarves. The two groups find themselves face-to-face with a reddish being of uncertain biology, whom Mahl proceeds to stare down.

After a tense minute, Mahl steps back while the being seems to wave something forward—two humans and another, similar shadowy being step into the clearing. The party recognizes the male human as one of the Seekers under Mock’s command. He confirms that he is the Free Mage, Contri, and that Seeker Elydia and he have been in contact since the party last ran in with her.

The other human, a female, un-paralyzes Adric and heals his wounds, but otherwise says nothing and glides over to the pile of dead bodies, where Contri and the two flowy beings soon join her. Mahl yells to the rest of the group to be ready for an attack; meanwhile, the red being hovers to the top of the pile of cadavers and his three companions begin to chant and dance around it.

Within seconds, the first Dark Crusaders appear. With relatively little difficulty, the party puts them down.



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