Mage Knight: Machination

Meeting with Nujarek

Accepting a job

The party visits Councillor-General Jeet Nujarek’s statehouse in Khamsin. They accept his proposal after negotiating:

  • Striking from the record Mahl’s desertion
  • Promising the funds for a ship to Kerr
  • A conversation between Nujarek and Magus Karrudan to try to equate lower-income students’ opportunities with those of nobles

The party have been deputized as “Wartime Tribunes” who are to arrest Councillor-General Raydan Marz and bring him in, alive. Though he is apparently located near Ashon Rye, Nujarek has requested that the party first take care of a hostage situation in Enos Joppa. The hostage is an Atlantean who will be able to help the party in its mission.



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